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Eight by ten color glossy photos...

While I was away, my computer complained at me about being full. Brent is trying to train me to remember the exact text of the messages my computer gives me, but so far it isn’t working: I get the gist. Normally, what I do when my computer talks to me is tell Brent and ask him to make it go away. Often, he does not make it go away, but rather gives me lots of instructions on how to do it myself. He does not understand that I keep all that knowledge in his brain on purpose.

Knowing this, I regarded this message hopefully. Full was a concept I understood. I even knew what to do to make my computer less full and it is something I generally enjoy. Fun with the trash can! All those cute little crumpled papers explode in little puffs of imaginary smoke! I could fix the problem and brag later to Brent about my amazing triumph over the gremlins lurking within my laptop!

It was very fun. I disposed of all the files I still had leftover from System 9. I tossed things I had never used, things I had never even known I had! I felt extremely virtuous as I emptied the trash that last time.

But. I happened to have had three versions of MS Office kicking around in there. I deleted two of them, smartly saving one to use! But it was the wrong one, the really old one, the really really old one. I was more than a little relieved when Word actually worked.

I had to confess to Brent rather than brag. I was duly shamed. He said he would fix it when we got home. Apparently, what he meant by that was that he would give me the disks to do the reinstallation myself. That is kind of like fixing it, but not entirely. This morning I took some deep breaths, murmured comforting words to the gremlins, and reinstalled the software All By Myself. And then the updates. And then the updates to the updates. And then the warning systems to update the updates and correct the incorrect bits and report the reporting system to the update monitor. Believe it or not, I am absurdly proud of myself for doing this.

In this context, then, and in the spirit of Getting Back to Work, I returned to my neglected CSS book. (This is another example of the Brent Principle of Non-Helping. “Will you help me learn CSS?” “Sure.” “When can we start?” “Why don’t you get a book…”) (Brent has very many stellar qualities, including almost infinite patience with me; I find his teaching style in my direction mostly amusing…) (And yes, I know that it is better for me to learn to do stuff myself. Sometimes I just don’t want to.)

Anyway, enough time had passed since I last opened the book that has been sitting obtrusively next to my right elbow on my desk that I felt the need to review what I had theoretically already learned. I am happy to say I remembered most of it. Also that I have absorbed the content of another chapter, but I am saving the exercises until I no longer want to kill the writers of the book.

Diagrams are useful. When one is explaining which parts of the text-like substance are which, circles and arrows come in handy. Also, if two things are at the same level of a hierarchy, do not list them as sequentially smaller parts of the whole.

I am now one chapter closer to a new blog design.

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