jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

I am not in my twenties anymore

I would like extra bonus points for today. I have gone on two dog walks and two bike rides. The dog walks were short; Cricket and I did our early morning paper run and then after the second bike ride I chatted with my friend while he walked his two dogs. I was late to my first bike ride, so I pedaled furiously to meet another friend, had a leisurely bike-and-chat session, and then a furious dash home to stick my bike on my car for the big bike ride.

The big one was 14.5 miles. I was challenged severely by the fact that my riding buddy is taller and younger and fitter than I am. This is good for me. I hope he wasn’t too bored. He kept explaining that I’m supposed to shift gears. He’s probably right, but I understand pedaling faster and harder; I’m never quite sure what shifting gears is going to do. I will call that an area in which I should explore my potential for growth (or at least exploit the comic possibilities!).

I had to stop a few times when my heart rate redlined, but I did, eventually, pedal to the top of every @#$% hill. I am absurdly encouraged that I get to go down every hill I go up.

Now I just need to figure out where to ride tomorrow!

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