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When I went over to my friends’ house yesterday, I was planning to go for a long walk with them. But the littlest one needed a nap. (I probably needed one, too, but that didn’t happen.) I read some picture books to the middle-sized one while the mama one got the little one to sleep.

I have to admit I am not a big fan of counting books, but I read two that had such good pictures that I liked them anyway. The first one was called One Lighthouse, One Moon by Anita Lobel and it actually had a couple of little stories that focused on days of the week, colors, and seasons as well as numbers. Extra bonus points for a cat named Nini hanging out in every picture. The second was called The Baker’s Dozen and had such a happy looking baker in it and such good looking pastries that I could practically smell the baking.

I read a book about mischievous leprechauns who keep getting distracted by all the tricks to be played on the way to hide the gold at the end of the rainbow. I particularly liked the part where they convinced the hen to sit on a tennis ball to amaze her owner.

And, finally, I read a book called Slugs in Love. The very idea of slugs writing love poems to each other in slime makes me want to giggle. That the girl asserts herself to win her boy and attracts him with her brains and poetic genius makes it even more satisfying.

After that, I got to do a horse puzzle and a fish puzzle. I played a stacking game with elephants and clowns. I played a rhyming game (which had me thinking of Princess Bride). And, finally, I got to play with blocks.

What a great play date!

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