February 6th, 2008


I’m not sure whether to be gratified or insulted.

The students in my class may be taking this class for the first or second semester. Some of them are taking it for transfer credit and some are not. I am not, although I will probably write the paper that marks the difference between what qualifies and what doesn’t anyway.

Yesterday, my instructor asked me, in passing, why I was not taking it for transfer. He implied that I should be, presumably because I seem like what my high school counselors described as “college material.” I answered that I didn’t need to transfer.

He asked if I’d had 1A. I said yes. I did not go on to say that, actually, I have a degree in English from Cal, thank you very much, and many tchotchkes to prove my extreme ability to extract good grades in classes that involve no math or science.

Perhaps my point was made for me when I used Boccaccio’s Decameron as an example of a work using a frame tale, briefly describing the overall plan of the work. Perhaps not.

It’s really bad to be a snob. Sackcloth and ashes for me, please.