March 14th, 2008

A day with T.

T.R. doesn’t have school today. I think it is an in-service day for teachers. As far as he’s concerned, it’s just a day off.

I woke him at the usual time. Syd had to go to school and I had asked T. if he wanted to go with me to take Syd to school and then go get pastries at a bakery we used to go to every Friday when we lived in Berkeley. I had an appointment for a haircut, made before I knew about the day off and I am not above using food as a bribe.

I half-expected T.R. to roll over and go back to sleep. Instead, he jumped up and got dressed right away. Amazing how quickly the kid can get dressed when he wants to do it and how long it can possibly take when he doesn’t. Being a hobbit, he had a first breakfast of toast while Syd grumbled his way through the torment of removing his body from bed, washing it, and attiring it in a fresh set of black clothes.

After inserting coffee into Syd’s bloodstream and throwing him to the (figurative) wolves of high school, T. and I were left in each other’s company. He ate egg bread cheese rolls and drank tea at the bakery. I had a steamed milk with almond syrup. We read more Lord of the Rings. We have passed Helm’s Deep and the Ents’ victory over Sauruman at Isengard and now travel east with Frodo and Sam and Gollum. Parents often smile at me when I am reading to T.R., perhaps because they remember reading Lord of the Rings, perhaps because T. is bigger than most kids you see reading with a grown-up. The woman who smiled today had her own smaller son with her; she may just have felt happy that the good times last if you let them.

Since we were in Berkeley, we walked to the library to return the book on tape we borrowed for our trip to Tahoe. I also dropped off a sweater at the dry cleaner’s. The woman there has seen T. since he was brand new. He didn’t remember her, but she couldn’t believe how much bigger he is now. (I suppose it would be more incredible if he were smaller, but that particular adventure was not the one I had today.)

Once my hair was trimmed up—and, by the way, it is suddenly becoming a lot more gray—we went to the toy store to buy a gift for a friend turning one this weekend. T. chose a stuffed wolf with lovely soft fur.

From there, we headed back to our island home. We needed to stop at Old Navy for clothes for T. to wear to his flute concert week after next. If he has to have slacks, I figure he might as well wear them for Easter as well. Syd needed new (black) socks. I needed something to wear to ballet class that isn’t a leotard. All the missions except mine were accomplished rapidly at Old Navy. I just had to go to Mervyn’s to find something comfortable and black.

Given T.’s two breakfasts, it is not surprising that he didn’t particularly want lunch. Brent and I ate together and then he went to get his hair cut. As soon as I walked back through the front door, T. captured me to watch a Lego video on YouTube—Pepsi tries to take over the moon using ninjas. He is now happily building more Lego things and I am happily typing.

Not an exciting day, so far, but good and satisfying.