March 18th, 2008


Now that T’s quilt is finished, I’ve started to knit again. I seem to have that maxim about idle hands and the devil’s work carved into my heart. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

I am not a patient person. I talk fast (gee, you think?), I eat fast, I read fast. I have the usual parent ability to multi-task, although I find I do it increasingly poorly as I get older. Maybe I am just impatient with the inferior results in more than one place when I do too many things at once.

Since Brent came into my life, I watch a lot more television than I used to. At this time of year, why bother? There’s no football! However, I am hooked on Law and Order—or at least the episodes with Vincent D’Onofrio. I have a crush on him. I can’t just sit there and watch unless I’m sick. I have to DO something.

So I’m making a sweater. For myself.

There is guilt involved. I’ve made plenty of quilts, knitted sweaters, scarves, and hats, sewed shirts, kid clothes, curtains, costumes, cross-stitched pillows, pictures, afghans, but almost never for myself. The idea is to make things for other people, to give them the gift of my time. Given the results of some of my projects, it certainly isn’t the gift of my talent!

But this sweater is for me. The yarn is a warm red with little blue and green tweedy bits. The cool part is that it is knitted in one piece from the neck down. That means no struggles to assemble it at the end and the sleeves should be much less of a torment to me. Sleeves are not fun. Too much counting. But these sleeves are done in the round, like making socks.

It is a very slow way to get a new sweater. My fingers are still remembering how to move smoothly with the needles.

Perhaps all this motion will eventually teach me to be still.