March 21st, 2008

Fever Dreams

Illness continues. It is making for spectacular dreams.

I dreamed I was having a philosophical discussion about the nature of consciousness. Since I don’t love philosophical discussions, it was something of a nightmare. I had, the whole time, the vague sense that I was asleep. This added yet one more layer to the absurdity: my unconscious, while I was unconscious, was reflecting on consciousness using the device of creating an additional consciousness for me to engage in dialog with.

By contrast, the latest car crash dreams seemed positively refreshing and the dream in which I had to make an art project out of overcooked leeks, while frustrating, had a certain charm.

I feel icky enough that I am actually considering calling the doctor on Monday if I am not well by then. (I’d have to be actually dying to consider dealing with Kaiser on Easter weekend.) I don’t tend to run temperatures and I have been hot to the touch all day.

However, I am not allowing this to interfere with my important projects. I attempted to dye Easter eggs today using natural ingredients. Onion skins worked well, making lovely golden-brown eggs. Spinach and beets didn’t work at all. So tomorrow I’ll go back to the store to get the old-fashioned Paas tablets instead.

And the other essential project? In little more than an hour, we’re off to see Peking Acrobats at Zellerbach. I can be sick sometime when there aren’t fun things to do.