March 28th, 2008


It’s a pretty awesome kind of day when even the bad news is good news. As a Friday treat, I promised myself a trip to Bakesale Betty’s on the way to take the kids to school. I am not an expert in mood-altering substances, but I would venture that just hanging out there and breathing in the aromas would have a positive effect on most people’s moods.

The bad news was that they did not have either pumpkin bread or banana bread. So I was forced, absolutely forced, to try their sticky buns. My goodness! I worship at Betty’s shrine. She is a goddess and may come over to my house to play any time she wants.

The sticky bun was still warm. The pecan pieces were the right size, not enough to overwhelm a bite, not so small as to wedge between my teeth. There was plenty of glaze. Syd expected it to drip all over me, but in spite of my reputation as a slob, it didn’t due to the excellent construction of the bun. And there were raisins of an appropriate sweetness. And my hands smelled like cinnamon when I was done.

Syd, in an agony of indecision, chose both an apricot almond scone AND a lemon bar. The scones were my previous favorite item on Betty’s menu because the sweetness of the almond and the slight tang of the apricot balance perfectly. Also, Betty’s scones are very tender. I am never tempted to eat only the sugary top and leave the rest as I am with other scones. The lemon bar was also yummy. It had a graham-cracker crust in place of the short crust I’m used to, which would have been a lovely change if the lemon bar in question hadn’t been just slightly over-baked. It’s good to know that Betty isn’t perfect.

T.R., having waited in the car, ended up with a sticky bun. It was he who particularly wanted pumpkin or banana bread, but he made do happily.

And the guy behind the counter gave us two free cupcakes. Are there any better words in the world than free cupcakes? I don’t think so.