April 2nd, 2008


On my bookcase, I have three Thing One toys. They used to belong to my friend SY, who is now three, but they kind of freaked her out with their blue hair, so now they live with me.

In The Cat in the Hat, the Things were unhelpful, creating an unacceptable level of chaos that the Cat had to clean up before Mother got home. They have a much more benign presence in my space, possibly because I don’t make them live in a little box.

For one thing, they remind me that little chaos is good. Their blue hair is nice and tickly, perfect for a spontaneous Thing fight with a friend who needs some silliness.

Also, I like that I have three Thing Ones and no Thing Twos. It works like a reminder about priorities. Really, there can only be one most important thing (or Thing), but life sometimes makes it seem like there are way too many of them.

Finally, their wide smiles make me smile. On a day like today, when I overslept and have thus felt behind all day long, that’s the best possible Thing.