April 9th, 2008


I’m sick again, just sick enough that I can manage the basics and not much more. I’m clean. I started laundry. We’ll have dinner out of the slow-cooker tonight.

I spent most of yesterday napping and reading. I don’t ask myself to do anything particularly hard when I don’t feel well, so I was reading Eulalia, a book by Brian Jacques that T.R. loved and wanted me to read, too. Since he’s at camp this week and I miss him, reading the book was a little like having him around. I’ll get extra brownie points for having read it when he gets back, particularly if I can manage to remember the names of the characters.

See, my trouble with this book and the rest of the Redwall books is that they are all the same. Species is destiny. If you’re a fox or a wildcat or a rat, you’re evil. You may kill your crewmates or underlings for no particular reason, unless it is more useful to the plot for you to betray them. You’re likely to end up dead, scattered, insane, or all of the above. If you’re a mouse or a squirrel or a hedgehog or a badger or a hare, you might be misguided and you might have to learn one or more important life lessons, but you’re basically good. You will probably survive to enjoy a remarkable feast at Redwall Abbey, surrounded by friends.

It occurs to me that this didn’t bother me when I read 900 Nancy Drew books. Maybe the problem is that I’m not 10 anymore. Sigh.