April 11th, 2008


Today’s task is simple: pack for a weekend in Yosemite. Except it isn’t. Packing is an attempt to read the future and as such is difficult, obscure, and error-prone.

I know to pack clothes for each day I’m gone, plus one extra set in case I happen to throw up all over myself, fall into a mud puddle, or coat myself in green or purple slime. I know I need a toothbrush and toothpaste, a razor, a brush, deodorant. I trust the hotel to have shampoo and soap. I have sweats to sleep in and/or to throw on in the morning until I’m ready to get really dressed. I have a bathing suit because hot water is my favorite invention of civilization and I know there are both indoor and outdoor pools where we are staying. I have nice clothes to wear to Saturday dinner.

But how many books do I need to bring? I’m bringing my knitting for the car. Also T.’s crochet and the crochet instructions. An audio book or two to help the drive go more smoothly. Journal, sketchbook, pens. Do I need to pack snacks? What about my iPod? What if it rains? Snows? Digital or regular camera? Laptop? How do I travel light enough to get there and heavy enough to make sure I have what I need?

Wait. I made it through two weeks in Europe with only what I had in my carry-on bag. It’s not what I bring with me, but what I see while I’m there. Phew.