April 17th, 2008


I am the meanest mom in the entire universe (TMMITEU). I am usually comfortable with this, but sometimes, like all monsters, I just want a little love.

This morning, TMMITEU woke T.R. up, as usual, at 6 and got out clean clothes for him. At 6:15, TMMITEU reminded him that he needed to get dressed and asked him what he wanted for breakfast. T.R. said that he couldn’t think about what he wanted for breakfast until he was dressed. TMMITEU made her own breakfast and checked to see that Syd was heading for the shower. At 6:30, T.R. was still not dressed. He resented TMMITEU reminding him to get dressed. TMMITEU suggested that having time to eat was a good idea. T.R. got dressed, which enabled him to decide on scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, which TMMITEU made for him. TMMITEU asked him to get his backpack together while breakfast was cooking. T.R. didn’t like that, partly because he was tired and partly because TMMITEU usually does that for him. When TMMITEU tried to make sure that T.R. had his lunch and his homework, that was the last straw. T.R. couldn’t stand it anymore. He yelled at TMMITEU for her interfering ways. Then things got really bad.

Unfortunately for T.R., TMMITEU has been fighting some nasty unspecified virus that makes her very tired and slightly less patient than usual. TMMITEU had mentioned to T.R. last night at 9 when he wasn’t done with his homework yet that he needed to finish up and crawl in bed. He was welcome to listen to books on tape, having got several new ones, but only if he promised not to be grumpy in the morning. Under normal circumstances, TMMITEU would have gone over this. Today, TMMITEU just said that T.R. was not allowed to listen to books on tape at night anymore.

Naturally, Syd thinks TMMITEU was at fault.

Somehow everyone is mad at me and still expects me to take them to Peet’s on the way to school for coffee, tea, and madeleines. Oh, yes, and read more Lord of the Rings. And have their friends come to dinner. Anything else? Can I get you a silver platter with that?

Tomorrow things will be different. We are starting monster appreciation lessons, which will involve an alarm clock and indifference to people who are late to school, who forget their homework, who don’t get to eat the lunch TMMITEU makes.

If I can’t get lots of affection, I can at least spread the pain around.