June 3rd, 2008

Why I don't sleep in

I made the mistake of sleeping in today. I didn’t get in the shower until something like 6:30 and that was before I did my journaling. And while doing that, I realized I was still sleepy and crawled back on top of the covers to dream of climbing through a giant warehouse-type place by swinging hand over hand from toy bins like the kids used to have when they were small. From there, I had to squeeze through a narrow opening to get into the library. It was urgent that I find a particular book amid the thousands and thousands there, all packed tightly into the shelves in some specific but unclear order, upside down.

At this point, Brent returned from walking Cricket, so I don’t know if I would have succeeded at saving the world through literature, but because it is Tuesday and the world is still out there, if a little on the cloudy and gloomy side, I’ll assume I did. That seems like plenty to accomplish in a day, so I’ll be on the couch eating bon-bons and reading until tomorrow.


Except that T.R. has an end-of-year band concert. Today. At 1. And, even though I am the Meanest Mom in the Entire Universe, I think I could possibly redeem myself if I could just Try Harder. (One of my favorite New Yorker cartoons from forever ago was a set of Bad Mother trading cards, including one who never even tried to make play dough from scratch…)

And there is always laundry. Not to mention dust. Should I say anything about the pile of unfinished writing? Shh… maybe it will just go away if I ignore it.

Oh, yes, and email. One from church about when I will be away for the next months so Linda can schedule me to read at a time when I will actually be present. I am entertained at the idea of reading when I am not present; the congregation could just read to themselves and imagine that I was there, doing it much faster than they would like. A little too avant-garde for the 8 o’clock 1928 Prayer Book crowd. Linda, herself, is trying to schedule a time to be Not There, and so I also wanted to add my name to the list of potential Xerox monitors and phone triage agents while she is off gallivanting. That ended up requiring that I explain that I no longer work at the seminary. Which sent me off into a reverie about rejection slips from which I distracted myself by pulling out the information for my interview tomorrow for a volunteer position as a writing tutor…

Another email from the kids’ dad about fun with scheduling and other useful parenting issues that requires a thoughtful response (I definitely don’t want to be the Meanest Ex-Wife in the Entire Universe, even for a second. There are no possible good results from that, while Mean Mom may actually be teaching responsibility and respect for limits.).

And, in the meantime, I have managed to miss my ballet class. “I’m sorry Miss Audra, but I was saving the world and then…” You know, maybe I should just add reading and bon-bons to my to-do list in my handy Franklin Covey planner and it will appear that I accomplished what I set out to do today. I’ll do that right after the flute concert.