June 30th, 2008


I object to change, like any sensible person. What? Think? Act differently? That’s crazy talk. Perhaps I’m a little bit extreme, however. I get my mind wrapped around an idea and I can’t let go. I set my plans in stone and then have to cart them around, no matter what; it’s amazing I haven’t drowned yet.

Today’s example is particularly amusing, in that I suddenly have MORE time at my disposal instead of the usual crunch. I thought I was going to have to pack up my little bag (ha ha) in time to leave with the kids for camp and not return until my bedtime. Instead, I will be home for lunch. I’ll have time for work on various home projects before going back out for my evening meeting. And I’m all stirred up over it.

Well, part of the turmoil is that I dragged my lazy behind out of bed early to give Cricket a nice long walk so that she will be less inclined to chew on everything in the first foot or so off the floor. I could have slept longer. Which would have felt nice. But most of it is just that kind of freak out that the ants have in Bug’s Life when a leaf falls in their pathway and they have to go a different way.

It’s good for me that life keeps making change happen. Eventually, I might even get used to it, but then it’ll change again. Sigh.