August 14th, 2008


If I had to write about what I did this summer like I had to do so many times when I was a kid, I could write about yesterday.

The early morning is my best time for writing, mostly because everyone is either not here yet or asleep. I did a little bit before breakfast and cleanliness and kids.

When the kids arrived, we laid out the plans for the day. T.R. and I began by making marshmallows from scratch. The mixture needed to cool and hang out for four hours, so we got the first part done before heading out on our adventures.

We went to Berkeley to spend an hour with a friend’s charming toddler (Look! Skateboards! Bulldozer! Dog! Guy with guitar! T.R. making funny faces!) so she could go to an appointment. The reward for this good deed was a trip to the comics store, which didn’t have what I wanted, but was fun anyway.

We ate cheap Chinese food at Peking Express and expensive ice cream at Ici for lunch. The rule at Ici is that everyone gets to try everyone else’s ice cream, so we all had candied walnut with walnut, cardamom rose, and honey camomile. The honey camomile was T.R.’s choice, but he turned out to prefer my cardamom rose, so we traded.

I needed to get a baby gift for Brent’s cousin’s new little one. I bought my own kids’ clothes on the cheap, but for other people’s babies, I’m willing to splurge. The baby store I preferred is not exactly there anymore, having mostly transformed into a party store, but they still have cute and not entirely pink clothes for small people. They don’t do the cute little wrapping thing anymore, though. I hate change. And gift-wrapping things myself. I lack a few of the traditional girlie skills.

Syd scored a t-shirt he had wanted for a while from Slash featuring a cheerful skeleton holding a red balloon. It was on sale!!!

We then trekked to Target for some stuff for the kids. T.R. is such a skinny kid that he can persist in wearing pants that are half a foot too short. I am trying to weed out those pants in that sneaky way where they go into the laundry and never emerge into the light of day. He got two new pairs of sweats. He also got yet another bag of socks; the kid must eat them or something. He needed some shoes and a backpack. Syd needed more shirts.

T.R. and I went to the pool after we dropped off all our purchases and Syd at home. He swam and I sat in the sun like the tired person I am.

Then T.R. and I finished making the marshmallows, a messy endeavor involving potato starch and powdered sugar. But the results were yummy. We’ll do it again. We also made dinner.

Syd and I took Cricket for a walk after dinner. T.R. settled in to watch Return of the Jedi for the million-billionth time. And, as Pepys would say, “so to bed.”

Not a bad summer, all in one day.