August 20th, 2008


So it’s about 3 right now. I’ve been awake for the last hour or so, the first part spent lying in bed hoping that I really wasn’t going to be awake for good, the last part hoping that someone somewhere on the internet wrote something I found either fascinating enough to hold my attention or boring enough to make me sleepy. No luck.

There is no point in getting mad about insomnia, but I do anyway. I have a full day ahead of me, including everything from the thrill of taking the kids to their schools and paying lots of money to get them set with yearbooks, p.e. uniforms, planners, and God knows what else to an evening watching Uncle Vanya at Cal Shakes. In the middle there somewhere, I have to do some serious cooking, several batches of laundry, and perhaps some writing, if I can overcome my periodic freakout in which I conclude that I have exactly zero business attempting to make stories and should get a job doing something useful and remunerative in which my lack of talent is not so glaringly apparent.

Obviously, being awake now means I could theoretically get a jump on some of those things. I may in fact go start the washer. But by 3 this afternoon, I am going to be a train wreck if I don’t get some more sleep somewhere. I was going to check the Kaiser website for suggestions, but it’s down for maintenance—it is the middle of the night and all. I know what they are anyway: eat right, exercise regularly, keep your room dark and cool, establish a bedtime routine, blah, blah, blah. I always hope there will be something useful there, like “turn around three times while saying the pledge of allegiance and voila, you’re asleep.”

I guess I’ll go start laundry and try to puzzle myself into oblivion. That way, if I do get more sleep and all, I won’t be behind when I get up late.

Or something like that.