August 22nd, 2008

Niners Win!

My Niners won yesterday. Sure, it was preseason, but they won! They scored actual points! O’Sullivan looks like the guy, although the headline on SF Gate suggests that Mike Nolan is as wishy-washy as ever (haven’t read the article yet). I want to like my coach, I really do, but until he enters a 12-step program for Alex Smith addiction, there’s nothing to be done.

T.R., who spent his day yesterday creating an entire universe out of pipe cleaners, made me my own personal Jerry Rice and Joe Montana. I was hoping for a Steve Young, but T. ran out of red and gold. I am keeping my team in my knitting basket so they’ll be handy whenever I sit down to watch the game.

In order to enjoy the game, I actually asked the Tivo to record it. I am a slave to my machines and often have to beg them to do whatever it is they do and offer them sacrifices of incense and such. I felt unduly impressed with myself for managing to get the Tivo to do it. But. Apparently the Tivo doesn’t understand when the game runs over the time allotted to it, so I couldn’t watch the end of the game after I got back from picking up Syd at Sam’s house. Didn’t the Tivo get the Heidi memo?

Cricket is also in training for football season. She is puzzled and startled when I suddenly drop my knitting and yell at the television. I was confident that this would be a temporary problem until Syd confessed that after all these years, he still gets freaked out when I do it. Some things need shouting about. Really. Enthusiasm is important. Almost as important as good tackling.