August 28th, 2008


I didn’t sleep well again last night. For a change, it was not because the dog was barking. Her replacement anti-barking collar came in the mail yesterday. However, one problem solved means a couple more have to pop up.

It was hot. We don’t have air conditioning, in part because I do not like air conditioning. It makes my nose stuff up and puts me out of sync with the universe. However, if we did have it, I’d have run it last night to get the dampness off my body. Also, I would have been able to pull up the covers and thus be protected from vampires (this was my theory as a small child and has yet to be proved wrong—no vampire attacks yet!). I find it hard to sleep when I can’t snuggle down.

Worse, my mind was going around in circles. Both of my beloved children decided to exhibit their worst characteristics yesterday. Syd made acidic and ill-natured comments. He attempted to control every interaction because he had a headache and everything irritated him. T.R., for his part, did his best to be as irritating and repetitive as possible. They hurt each other’s feelings and fought about it and stubbornly persisted in their wrong behaviors until T.R. had to go scooter around the block to calm down before dinner and Syd stomped off angry after dinner.

I, of course, was useless. They weren’t seeking a solution, so really there was nothing I could do to help. But I felt responsible for their stubbornness and their unwillingness to take the first steps toward healing, not to mention their bad behavior in the first place.

So what sleep I had was broken and restless. I really hope they slept well and feel like human beings this morning, or I’m toast.