September 3rd, 2008

Plan B

God is laughing, apparently, since I tried to make some plans yesterday. But there is always Plan B, which runs something like this: okay, now that I have failed to sleep well and feel like someone ran over my back with a tractor, I think I can manage to do one or two of the ten things I decided were crucially important for the day. Here’s the new and improved list.

I am going to yoga class at 9 to attempt to impose some flexibility on my soul. That plus taking T.R. swimming this evening will add up to enough exercise for the day, even though I bailed out on taking Cricket for her walk this morning.

Between now and then, I am going to get as much writing done as possible. I’ll just have to work faster than usual to meet my quotas. That always works so well when my brain lacks sleep.

After yoga, I’ll do the essential housework of the day, which probably means more laundry and some cooking. I’ll also try to finish up whatever writing didn’t happen in the first part. And maybe even eat.

I have errands to run on the way to collect the kids. I want new clothes to work out in, ones that actually work and cover the parts that need covering in downward dog and such. My self-esteem might like something that looks less like I slept in it, too. I need figs for my pizza tonight. The eco-canvas I ordered at the fabric store came in at last, so Syd can start working on his kilt after I pick it up. And I need a birthday present for someone dear.

As usual, it seems to be the writing that needs to fit in around everything else. I’ll save the priority shift for a day when I don’t feel more like sticking my head in the blender (don’t worry; my head doesn’t actually FIT in the blender and it won’t run without the top on anyway.). Maybe tomorrow.