September 4th, 2008


I just got home from recess. Well, actually, I have showered and put on fresh clothes, but the feeling is the same.

After blowing a bunch of money at Title Nine in Berkeley yesterday on new workout clothes, I figured I should actually go to the gym in some of them. Knowing my ability to distract myself, particularly when exercise is involved, I drove straight to the gym after dropping the kids at school. I arrived to find Brent already pedaling away on one of the bikes, warming up for his personal training appointment with Heidi, the goddess of all things fitness. He asked me if I wanted to come to that, too, if it was okay with Heidi.

The lazy part of me wanted to say no. It wanted to do the bare minimum of cycling with plenty of loud music to make it seem less like a boring waste of time. The other part said, out loud, “Sure! That sounds fun!”

Turns out, it was fun. Fortunately for me, Brent had chosen to focus on flexibility and balance rather than maximum lifting. I got to play with big red balls for an hour and it even counts as exercise! Heidi snuck the weights in there in ways that didn’t make me feel either tortured or bored, which is impressive. I found out that I’m not entirely inflexible: my lower back is extremely flexible, for what that’s worth.

I also found out there is a whole class about playing with big red balls. Who knew? I might have to go to it!

But now that recess is over, shouldn’t it be nap time?