September 17th, 2008


Sometimes it is necessary to focus on the small, everyday things, like cooking and ironing.

Yesterday, I made Texas Beef Brisket Chili from the latest issue of Bon Appetit. We’re having it for dinner tonight and since I spent hours and hours on it, it better be good. Fans of Stephen Covey and his scary-but-shiny effectiveness stuff may forgive me if I say I’ve decided that I need to have someone “sharpen the knife.” A saw might have been more useful in parting the brisket’s lean from its fat. The Sprat family dinner would have been fraught with peril. It did, however, smell wonderful and Brent approved a small test sample. Now, if only I had remembered to buy avocados. I guess that’s the direction for Cricket’s walk of the day today.

Ironing spurs creativity. I’ll think of almost a million things to do before I will actually buckle down and do it. However, I do have the best ironing board in the world, stolen fair and square from my mom, who stole it fair and square from my grandmother. It is now actually better than it has been in years thanks to The Vermont Country Store. Because of their targeted demographic, they carry ironing board covers that fit boards older than I am, which, in addition to standing up without wobbling, are slightly wider and longer than most ironing boards today. Hooray for frugal people who live into ripe old age with the same trusted items they’ve always used! (Surprising, though, what those folks will get up to. The catalog also offers a range of vibrators…)

While ironing, I watched my new favorite PBS show, Wordgirl. What’s not to like about a show in which a kid saves the world using her vocabulary? Plus, her sidekick is a monkey named Captain Huggy Face. I want a Wordgirl shirt and I want it now. Besides, I’m sure it won’t need ironing.

Maybe today I’ll find some kind of adventure, just to balance the chi.