September 29th, 2008

Tired and grumpy

I did not sleep last night until sometime after 3:30. At 3, I decided that I was doomed to wakefulness and NCIS reruns until daylight, so I nuked Brent’s leftover Burmese food (apparently my leftovers were better because Brent ate them first…) for breakfast. I woke up at 7:15 with the tv mumbling about bailout plans and a dog on my chest. Not perhaps the best start to a day.

I had such high hopes for this day, too. I am at least clean. I have started laundry, so I have even more potential for cleanliness in my future. I went to the grocery store, so there will be food this week. Shortly, I will go walk with my friend and my dog in a brilliant stroke of multi-tasking.

After that, it gets sticky. That’s the part where I’m supposed to do some writing, the writing I was going to do when I first got up this morning, which happened to be that part between 4:30, when my alarm went off upstairs where I wasn’t, and 7:15 when I did in fact wake up. Want to bet the caffeine wears out right about the time I finish lunch?

I am not cursed, just tired.