October 28th, 2008

Good Mom?

This week’s therapy task is to be as good a mom to myself as I am to my children. As the Meanest Mom in the Entire Universe, I might find this a challenge.

Does it count if I clean T.R.’s room instead of mine? Do I have to do my chores before I go out and play? How come I always have to drive? Can’t I sit in the back seat and demand snacks and different music instead?

Interestingly, I already have some of the structures in place to be a good mom to myself. At least in theory. Somewhere on my desk I have the morning and evening lists of things to do that I made for myself back when I made T.R. and Syd their first lists. (Sound of digging through papers. Hey, there are those cards I was looking for the other day. Oh, yeah, I meant to order those books. Argh. Stuff always falls on the floor. Damn gravity. Victory is mine! Here are the lists!) My morning list looks like this:

Get dressed.
Make bed.
Make lunches.
Start laundry.
15 minutes tidying.
Make breakfast/do dishes.

I don’t have to make the bed every day anymore because Brent usually ends up making it when he gets up. I don’t have to make lunches every day, either, since I don’t have to go somewhere else to work. I like it that I have something as easy as “get dressed” on my list. All the satisfaction of crossing something off with none of the fussy work. Brilliant. That one can stay like it is.

The evening list might need some revision. At present, it is:

Homework help.
Clothes for morning.
Fold laundry.
Brush teeth/wash face.

Brent takes care of the bills these days, God bless him. I did convince him that I could at least enter my transactions in the file, so I think I should probably get back on that item. Homework help only applies when there are kids who need it. Last week, T.R. asked me for some with his math. Something about a graph with whiskers. I’m sure that I could have figured it out with the textbook, but he, being smart, just took the question to Brent, who knew the concept off the top of his head. Have I mentioned how handy he is? T. and I do our reading in the mornings now, so I could shift that to the other list. Or I could make sure that I do some reading instead of watching so many shows off the TiVo. Clearly I made this list before I had the TiVo temptation. I need to work on that fold laundry thing. It’s right up there with emptying the dishwasher as a task I’d rather skip as long as possible.

In any case, not a bad place to start at being a good mom to myself. If I do those few things on those two lists, I will at least be living up to my basic responsibilities. I might even turn out to be an upstanding adult. You never know.