November 5th, 2008


I hope that in the final vote counting, Proposition 8 goes down. It destroys my child-like faith in the good when people do dumb things like vote for bigoted, misguided, stupid, oppressive things. I am not a politically-minded person, but I had to say how mad I am about this.

Lookee what I made...

I made pictures yesterday. Since the refrigerator is already crowded with important things like other people’s report cards and recipes and cards and pictures of cute children, I’m sticking them up here. Also, I don’t want T. to see them before Christmas, since they are illustrations for his Christmas book.

Here they are: Collapse )

I am not, obviously, the world’s greatest artist. I have decided that I don’t care. I like making pictures. I have always liked making pictures. And now, since I am the one who cleans the house, I can make as much mess with art as I want without getting in trouble. Sometimes it is good that I can pass as a grownup.