November 19th, 2008

Upset Body

My body is upset with me. It wants me to pay attention. So, in the spirit of shaming myself into doing something good, I am writing about this out there in public so I have to fix it.

I went to ballet yesterday, which is good. Ballet takes place, as you might expect, in a room full of mirrors. That’s not so good. There is no point in lying to myself about my body when faced with so much evidence of excess. Vanity does have its uses.

However, I am immune enough to vanity that it alone has not been enough to spur me to take action. It’s the other stuff that has me convinced.

I wake up stiff in the morning, my feet unwilling to bend through their full range of motion in order to go downstairs. My back pretty much always feels like it needs a nice stretch. My neck carries so much tension that one massage person who worked on it assumed I was a lawyer in a high-pressure job. Flexible is not my middle name.

So the time has come to fix the situation, or at least try, so I am justified in complaining.

Here’s my plan, which is doubtless way too ambitious. There will be exercise in every day and some of it will be stretching since I tend to skip that part (because I’m bad at it and no one particularly likes to do things one is bad at). I will eat mindfully. For the most part, I already eat actual foods, so this is a quantity question rather than a quality one. I have to slow down. And did I mention I was going to exercise EVERY DAY?

Off to walk the dog, who will enjoy this new program. At least one of us will.