November 21st, 2008


I am a social outlaw. Last night, while hanging out in the lobby of the school theater waiting for play time, I sat on the floor with my knitting.

The extremely well-mannered and charming girl in charge of the logistics of the production offered me a chair, which I politely declined. I was comfortable where I was, leaning back against the wall with my legs stretched out straight in front of me, crossed at the ankles.

The drama teacher/director of the extravaganza, in his running around, noticed me sitting on the floor and dispatched his minions to bring chairs. I stayed on the floor, although other people who came in took full advantage of the higher vantage provided by the chairs.

It messes with people’s minds. I am an adult and therefore I am supposed to eschew floors. Given the choice between comfort and space on the floor and a cramped and stiff chair, I am supposed to choose the chair.

In the auditorium itself, I chose a seat at the very end of the back row, in part to avoid having to compact myself for people wanting to get into other seats. This meant that I actually ended up with several chairs at my disposal and I was able to extend my legs in ways usually unheard of in school performances. It was still uncomfortable.

If only schools used the Parkway’s model for seating...