November 24th, 2008

Progress Report

There’s nothing quite as stupid as trying to start a life-changing routine the week before the kids are out of school for a week and there is a major holiday. On the other hand, whatever success I manage counts as superior achievement against nasty odds.

So far, my success is that I have exercised every day for the last seven. I haven’t weighed myself today, but as of yesterday, I was down about a pound and a half for the week. I had fun at ballet and at the gym working out with Brent and Heidi and playing racquetball with T. yesterday. My walks with Cricket got me outside and my weekly walk with my friend is something I always look forward to.

However. I have more work to do. My plan was to ensure that I stretched every day and that didn’t happen. I stretched at ballet because it is part of the class and with Heidi because I do what she tells me to do. I didn’t go to yoga because, and this may be too much information, I have terrible athlete’s foot on my left toes and plan to wait until it improves to do shoeless exercise in public. This does not excuse me from doing yoga at home. My only excuse is laziness.

While I worked on portion control with some success, I, predictably, drank too much soda. Sleep was not a plentiful substance last week, for which I blame seeing the same play three times, which kept me up past my bedtime. God knows what is going to happen when the confluence of relatives and Thanksgiving food descend on me. I do intend to suggest a nice walk with the dog between the dinner and the dessert parts of the show on Thursday to prevent calorie-induced coma at least.

And, if all else fails, there is next week, in which I can start over.