November 27th, 2008


Having learned from yesterday’s experience, I am writing now, in my unwashed and sleepy state. I have the added motivation of writing before breakfast, which means that if I type fast I can eat sooner. Sadly, I am tired enough that I really can’t do much of anything fast. And, just for fun and because I wasn’t struggling enough, I get to do this day with cramps, too. (Apologies if this is too much information…)

This is the stuff I am thankful for. Silly stuff, I know, but true. I can get up early and have time by myself to blather on about whatever is on my mind. I can wake up gradually with pen and paper and then keyboard and screen. I can eat my softboiled eggs and toast while I read the remains of yesterday’s paper and toss another load of laundry in the dryer. I have a good life.

I’m of course thankful for the big stuff as well: the kids, Brent, the rest of the crazy family, friends, house, food, health. Everyone is thankful for those things, but only I am thankful for the bottle of bubbles on my desk and the paper turkey on the front door and my fuzzy sweatshirt and the Dog Who Ate The Couch. I am thankful for comfortable shoes and a sense of humor. Also football and tablecloths that come out of the package not so wrinkled that they require ironing. Picture books, clocks that tick, puzzles. It’s all good.

May we all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.