December 2nd, 2008


So the traditional after-holiday illness is something I could happily skip. Apparently, however, it is not optional. I feel better today than I did yesterday, but I may not accomplish much until it is time for Brent and me to go on our Tuesday date.

I got up at 4:30, like I usually do, and started to write my journal. About a page into the process I realized that if either one of my kids felt the way I was feeling, I would stick him back in bed. So I slept for another couple of hours. I need to write extra sleep on my to-do list so I can now cross it off.

Someone should take care of holding down the couch, staring at the lights on the Christmas tree, and clearing out the accumulated shows in the TiVo. I think I might be able to handle that. Unless I choose to pad my numbers in my reading contest with T.R.

I smell of Vick’s. I am wearing slippers. I crave orange juice.

But by afternoon, I will feel better because Brent and I are going to try the Moss Room, the restaurant at the Academy of Sciences. Besides, tomorrow I’m going to the Oakland Museum with my friend Elizabeth. I’m too sick for school, but not too sick to have fun. Since I am both the mom and the patient in this case, I get to get away with this. Sometimes there are advantages to being a grown-up.