December 16th, 2008


Now that I am finally emerging from the fog of illness (maybe swamp would be a better word, since it seemed to be full of mucky stuff that tended to suck me down into the depths…), I have an important task: not freaking out. While I was sick, I was willing to acknowledge that some things might not get done, but I still had the consciousness of those tasks out there somewhere, undone, lurking.

I do not have to catch up. I’m pretty sure there is no one evaluating my total output for the month, clipboard in hand, tutting at the drop in production. I do not have to feel guilty about the pages I haven’t written, the books I haven’t finished reading, the research I haven’t done.

But there is a catch. I have to do today’s writing and reading and research. I have to get back to the work that belongs to this day.

So, right after breakfast, I’m going to keep that clipboard monitor at bay by getting down to today’s tasks.