December 22nd, 2008


I baked some Christmas cookies yesterday. It turns out that when I do it by myself, it goes much better. Sure, there was flour all over the entire kitchen by the end, not to mention all over me. But I got to use all the cookie cutters, even the old ones that can make it challenging to get the cookie out of the cutter. The cutter without a top was a good invention, but if I want traditional Christmas camels (hey, doesn’t everyone make camel cookies for Christmas?), I have to deal with the cutter I have, which I permanently borrowed from my mom many years ago because it reminded me of being a kid. I also made gingerbread boy shapes (out of sugar cookie dough because I don’t like gingerbread) and VW’s and Santas and angels and stars and rabbits. Rabbits became Christmas tradition when Syd came along because the kid was obsessed with them.

In a fit of enthusiasm at some earlier time, we used up most of the normal food coloring colors. Had the kids been baking with me, I’m sure they would have been perfectly happy to make black and pink cookies. I made some green icing and left the rest white. So I’m not going to win points for excessive creativity, but I don’t have to eat blue food either.

Brent happily ate the cookie mutants, although if he wants to continue in his exalted position on the mutant disposal squad, he might want to work on one thing: acting surprised that a cookie tastes good does not endear one to the chef. You’d think he never eats my cooking.

I also have a clean kitchen because I could not deal with the floury thing anymore. It was not all my fault. Syd baked a bunch of cookies for his friends last week and while he made a good faith effort to destroy the evidence, he apparently does not notice the floor. All better now, at least temporarily.

Today: more cookies! Hooray!