January 22nd, 2009

Operatic Pillow Fight

It was a busy day yesterday, but of all the incidents, my favorite was when T. remembered something we used to do. We were hanging out waiting for our dinner guest to arrive and suddenly he zoomed to his room and emerged with the two pillows from his room. He tossed me one and shouted, “Operatic pillow fight!”

It is a game with extremely simple rules that I invented with him in a fit of silliness when we lived in our little house. You begin by imagining yourself to be that great big woman in the horned hat with the long blond braids. You open your mouth and make her sounds. And you whack the other person with a pillow at the same time. It’s remarkably good at reducing stress, except in Syd, who finds it immature and annoying. T. and I have no problem being immature and annoying, so we keep on having fun and Syd can go stomp off to brood if he must.

Many things have not gone right in life, but sometimes things just do.