January 27th, 2009

New Website!

It’s done! My new website is done! You can visit it here. For a non-technical person like me, this is a big deal and I couldn’t have done it without Brent for practical help and swear words for stress reduction.

Other than wrestling with the technology, the hardest part was facing my really old writing. I had to post the clips the way they were published and that made me cringe and suffer. Perhaps this should encourage me, since it means I have learned something over the last ten years or so with all the practice.

New software (talk about panic-inducing words!) is supposed to arrive today that will allow me to link the last however many blog posts from here to the blog page, so the site will get updated shortly. At least that’s the theory. Brent assures me it isn’t hard, but hard is a relative term.

Ultimately, I feel proud of myself for getting it done and grateful to Brent for making it possible.