January 28th, 2009


It’s 9:17 and I’m not sure where my brain is. I didn’t get up on time and I’m doing all the things I normally do out of order, which confuses my habit-prone self.

However, the evil whining dog has had her walk. It moved up the priority list to stop the whining. Sometimes I’m not a good authority figure.

I’m clean. I ate breakfast. I called the kids just in time to remind them about the weird pick-up today so Syd can go to the doctor. I filled out a gazillion forms online for Syd’s track team. I changed the printer cartridge on my printer (Hey, Pearls Before Swine has a whole storyline about croc superheroes and one of their superpowers was the ability to clear paper jams. That croc was powerless before the printer cartridge. Which just goes to show that I’m smarter than the crocs, at least a little.).

I’m just a little confused on what comes next because the usual flow is broken. I nearly forgot to brush my teeth entirely because I didn’t write my journal first thing this morning. I suppose, theoretically, this is good for me, one of those Zen being-present-and-awake things.

Today’s excuse: I got nothing done due to extreme enlightenment. Sounds good to me.