March 4th, 2009

X-Ray Vision

Today I’m pretty much out of ideas. I’m sure that some will come from somewhere eventually and I hope it is about the time I sit down to do my Lent art of the day, but in the meantime, I’m taking the easy way out. See, I noticed that I had the scan of T.’s x-ray on my desktop and I had meant to post it back when we got it, but I was too tired and busy to do it. Sometimes it pays to be lazy. So: educational picture of the day.

Lent Day 7

Because of the way I framed this picture, I couldn't glue the poem on it, so here's the text that goes with the photo (I'm writing it on the back...):


Lemon juice stings even invisible
cuts on the fingers, places
where paper nicked, knife slipped,
sidewalk scraped.
Shake the hands, shake the hands
and wait
because after the smart
comes the clean smell of blessing.