March 9th, 2009


Today is one of those days on which I wonder about priorities. I pretty much don’t have any because I figure that I don’t need them if I get absolutely everything done. That’s turning out to be something less than a sustainable model for living.

Normally, this would be a day on which my “priorities” got simpler. I would drop the kids at school and off my list of things to do (if not off my list of things to worry about) until Wednesday afternoon. Because Rick’s got some kind of work trip disaster thing going on (I don’t ask anymore. It’s not my problem, and yet it still stresses me out to hear about.), the kids are staying with me.

So I juggle. I balance my therapist appointment off against picking T.R. up on time. I squint at the writing I’ve said I’d do for Brent and the extra hours of driving. I try not to look at the reproachful copy of Don Quixote on my Spanish dictionary and the green folder of story revision.

And I take a deep breath and start the next thing and the next and the next.

Lent Day 11

I read somewhere that people suffering from anxiety do better when they do puzzles. Guess how I felt today and what I did about it.