March 16th, 2009

Lent Days 15 and 16

I was out of town and so not posting, but I did do my art projects for Friday and Saturday (remember: Sundays don't count!). Here they are.

I saw a mandala coloring kit in some catalog or other and decided to make my own.

When I was a kid, I used to doodle like this a lot. The way a single line can wander all over the page and meet up with itself again makes me happy. So does the resulting root-looking thing. It's all very soothing to me.


I am the kind of tired where I really hope I don’t have to operate heavy machinery, use fine motor skills, or think. I might need to have a warning label slapped across my forehead or something.

Not that the fatigue is unexpected. We spent the weekend in Indian Wells celebrating my dad’s birthday. Any time there is travel plus a family gathering, the inevitable result is exhaustion. (It was a great time and I think my dad felt celebrated.) The plane last night was delayed so that we got home some fuzzy time between 11 and midnight, which is extremely past my bedtime.

I can’t fix planes that run late, but I am going to fix what I have control over. Which is: alcohol. I’m not a big drinker under normal circumstances, but with all the celebrating, I drank more than usual over the weekend and I think it messed with my sleep. I’m taking a break. No more gin and tonics. No wine with dinner. No cold bottle of beer. At least for a while, until I’ve rested up again.

Lent Day 17

I like words. Obviously. I'm also lazy, so when I come across a word I don't know, I often continue on my way, still not knowing. However, I have a little notebook in which I try to write those words down to look up later, when my computer is handy (now that I have the OED right in there! Hooray!). Thanks to my middle school literature teacher, who made us memorize poems, I know that writing things longhand does help me learn them, so I copy out the definition in my little book. The words in this picture were chosen from that notebook, one from each of the first five pages. The resulting picture, I think, has some rich possibilities of meaning that someone else can use his or her own words to describe, if the desire is there.