March 18th, 2009

Walk by Water

Because it is Wednesday, I took Cricket for a walk. I have a regular Wednesday route, in which I walk down to the water, along the beach for a long block, and then home. Pretty much no matter what my state of mind is when I start out, the water jolts me into the present moment.

Today there was mist dissolving almost as I arrived. As always, there were birds in their sanctuary. Shimmer of light on water. Tufty grass growing out of the mud. Coolness in the air. A sense of space.

I can go on with my day now.

Lent Day 19

I realized I was getting all caught up in the product, which is exactly what I didn't want to happen with this Lent thing. I wanted to let myself play in the space. So I made myself just draw today, in ink. No going back, no erasing, hardly any thinking. Just some things I might put in my garden, a stalk of corn, a tomato gone crazy in its cage, and some lettuce, with one bunch shooting to seed. I'm trying very hard not to think about whether it's a good picture or not, whether corn really looks like that, if the tomatoes are growing out of the right parts of the vine. It is my drawing, fast, flowing. Now I need to release it.