March 20th, 2009


I’m always thinking of rules for myself. Although I usually think of them as helpful suggestions. Rubrics. Hints. I already wrote about how I think I need to read a book about food every couple of months to keep myself on track with eating in ways that help my body rather than hurt. I now think I need to read writing books more regularly to keep myself on track with writing.

I think this because, of course, I just read a book about writing, sort of. It’s called What It Is. It’s partly a comic book (graphic novel, if you must, but really, they’re just long comic books) and partly a disaster in a collage factory and partly brilliant insight. I can’t say I exactly like it, although I think it’s going to be one of my favorite books. It is worming its way into my brain and challenging my assumptions and generally messing with my head in a good way. My daily pages of journaling have gone better in the two days since I finished reading and that all by itself is worth the price of admission. I have been distracted from my usual depressed navel-gazing! All hail!

Now I just need to read a book about, say, being a kind human being every couple of days, and one about being a considerate parent, and one about having a clean house, and and and

I knew there was a flaw somewhere. Maybe there’s a book about that, too.

Lent Day 21

So there I was, early in the morning, writing my journal, thinking about the mind-body connection (sometimes I wish I were J.K. Rowling, who wrote the line, "I was sitting in the U-bend thinking about death..."). About the results of Big Red Ball of Doom class at the gym yesterday in the form of muscles complaining, about the caffeine depletion gathering in my temples, about the little twinges of stress that live at the base of my neck, about the heartaches that find me at 4:30 in the morning, when the world is dark. Which made me think about diagrams of body systems, with their neat little arrows and labels. Google image search is fun. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find a lot of other things, so many that this is going to be a multi-day project. But. Here is today's with Harvey getting a pat on the head for his research and everything.