March 26th, 2009


I was just accused of being able to do everything at once. I object.

I do not like multi-tasking, although I can do it if I have to. What it ends up meaning is that I do more than one thing poorly. At the time of the accusation, I was washing a pan. That was all. Except for talking, but really, that doesn’t count as a task, does it?

I admit that I flit from task to task quickly. I have to if I’m going to have any chance of getting everyone out of the house on time with clothes on and food in their stomachs. Sometimes we get extra bonus points for having food on our clothes. Not really.

But I do pretty much refuse to multi-task anymore. It prevents flow. And I can’t cope with distraction like I used to, either. The days in which I could do homework while talking on the phone and listening to music are long gone, and not just in terms of years.

Time to flit to the next task before someone explodes downstairs.

Lent Day 26

Another fruit of the Spirit. Here's the poem on the back:


After the running, the muscles
pounding, the drippy hair stinging
in the eyes,
the orange slice
cold, sharp, sweet.
Laughter as peel peeks
where teeth beong, between
parched lips,