April 6th, 2009


Since the kids were on spring break and both a little on the needy side, last week was kind of like going back to when they were small. I was a housewife then, my days full of cooking and cleaning and blocks, picture books and walks. It’s a life I like, actually.

Everything I did back then was important. It all contributed directly to the well-being of my family. The games I played with the kids helped them learn. Their questions sparked my own sense of wonder. Did I mention that I played with play dough on a regular basis? I’m pretty sure that leads to world peace.

Last week there were more demands for coffee than the kids ever made when they were small (although I do remember a time when T.R. cried because I had ruined the half-inch of coffee Rick had given him by filling the rest of the sippy cup with milk…). T.R. and I swam more. Syd did some cooking on his own. We had to do more driving. But a lot of it was the same.

I’m smarter about it now. I know that if I let it, the work will entirely take over and I will explode. I know that I need to talk to my own friends, not just arrange for the kids to be with theirs. I know no one is checking to see whether I really really dusted everything.

Still has the same major drawback, though. The pay is lousy. Heck, it’s kind of like writing has been for me, so far, except last week made the kids happier. Hmph.