April 9th, 2009

Sleep Disturbances

I slept well last night. Which means I feel relatively sane. That’s going to come in handy, I think, since as far as I can tell, T.R. does not seem to have slept well. He has on clean clothes and he absorbed his breakfast in silence, but I took pity on him and told him that after he brushed his teeth he could go back to bed until time to leave this morning. His bed has a new blanket on it, a really really soft one that is the right size, in the place of the somewhat scratchy queen-sized one he had before, so getting him back out of bed might be hard.

Brent also seems to have had problems with sleep in the night. He woke right about the time I did. Nightmare. I cuddled him up and promised not to die of cancer any time soon. He is now back asleep, having, I hope, more pleasant dreams.

The lingering image from my sleep is one of horses, Appaloosas, to be precise. While I read all the typical horse books that girls read, I am not a particularly horsey person, so I don’t have some deep knowledge of breeds or anything. The image I have of Appaloosas, however, is one of freedom and strength, of wildness. I think it’s going to be a good day!

Lent Day 38

More on the shape of water, this time drops and a faucet to make them. Except that the drops seem entirely independent of the faucet and I cut one of the drop pictures into a puddle. I'm having fun with these.