August 24th, 2009

Three more photos...

Today I offer proof, of a sort, that I was actually in Stockholm taking pictures. Here I am, taking a picture of myself and the cool green doorway behind me. There was a mirrored piece of art in front of me that allowed me to reflect on myself, so to speak. The uses of modern art, I suppose.

This might be my favorite picture of all the ones I took. I like the way the stairway intersects the windows. To some extent, it's weird that this ordinary part of a building is my favorite vacation photo, but perhaps it is more accurate than yet another picture of a famous building. This is something I chose to see, so it's a picture of my brain at the moment I snapped the photo. Also less destructive than graffiti with "Janet was here."

I've often found myself interested in the discards of consumerism. I have been tempted to do a series of photos, for example, of the clearance racks of stores, where the unwanted clothes get pawed over, where the hours of garment workers become particularly futile and wasted. That's not what this picture is. It's just a storefront, now empty, with the remnants of a display that was not worth taking along on the move or into oblivion.