October 9th, 2009

I hate homework

I find homework annoying. And it’s not even my homework. I particularly hate two kinds of homework: the butt-covering kind and the pointless kind. T. had both kinds over the last couple of days.

There is a system in place where, in theory, I can check on T.’s grades any time I want. This could be useful if I were paranoid about his grades and/or not trying to teach him to take responsibility for them. Not to mention that it would be helpful if I could have got into the system before today, after several calls to the support staff in the office over the weeks since school started. And now that I’ve successfully logged on, the system will not show me anything. Which has added to my frustration. T. is supposed to bring in a signed printout from this system every week. I know that the teachers who assigned this are doing it to prevent irate parents from screaming at them about how they had no idea that Darling Child was failing. I am not a screamer. If T. is failing, it’s his deal. Also, if he’s actually failing, there is a protocol in place for letting me know: the progress report. Not to mention that, presuming that not all the students are failing, it wouldn’t be that hard to drop me an email to that effect. I am annoyed.

Then there was the history assignment in which T. was supposed to find analogs for feudal systems in today’s society. It can be done, but there really isn’t a point; we have a DIFFERENT societal organization. That’s why we don’t call our society a feudal system. We have different paradigms to describe different things. Sometimes analogies can be made. Other times not so much. Not a useful exercise.

Thank God for inspirational science teachers and math teachers, who restore my faith in school in this context.

End of rant.