October 20th, 2009


I organized my bookshelves yesterday. Not only does this mean that I am not going to be killed by a falling stack of books right away, but also it has changed the landscape of my room. Different spines confront me when I glance away from my screen. Instead of looking up from journaling in my green chair and seeing an unmanageable mess of titles, I see order. When life seems like a hurricane, this small gift instills hope.

It also helped to lift stacks and stacks of books. I got good and sweaty doing it. In fact, I got tired enough that I recruited Brent to carry the box of books I decided I could live without downstairs at the end. I did carry the unabridged dictionary and the oversized atlas down to T.’s room myself, though.

I’m left with a sense of possibility. I can do things in this space now. I can even buy more books!

Trollitude - an Elf's Guide

For those of you who have thought about helping me out with T.'s story by posting trollish comments to the artificial blog here, but aren't sure where to start, I offer the following suggestions.

1. Make fun of Tallulah's lack of baseball talent.

2. Make fun of her cooking.

3. Threaten to show up at her barbecue uninvited. (Plot important!)

4. Suggest you are watching her. Suggest how easy it would be for you to grab her, etc. (Plot important!)

5. Harass her about the statistical website, the flash drives, and any other computer related things that occur to you (more than will occur to me, I'm sure!). This one is kind of important to the story...

6. Suggest that YOU are one of the people heckling her at games. Or take an unhealthy interest in her forest protection software (both plot useful!!!)

7. Call her a Nazi.

8. If someone else comments, comment back to make the situation even WORSE!

9. Pretend you are five and you've been sent to your room; write out of anger and see what comes out.

10. Remember that I appreciate you lots and lots for helping out with this project and channeling life's frustrations into productive literary output!!!!!