November 12th, 2009

Day off?

So in my rich fantasy life, a day off would include a lot of relaxation, maybe some reading, and, if I got really wild and crazy, a massage, something like that.

Here in the real world, this is how I spent my Veteran’s Day. I got up at 4:45, which, sadly, counts as sleeping in. I did my daily journaling and prayers and my blog post. After breakfast, I took Cricket for a long walk with my friend YY, getting home about 9.

While I was out, Rick had dropped off T.R. Rick had told me the day before that T. seemed to have a broken tooth and asked what the deal was with my dental insurance. I had no clue, not having ever used it, but I sent email and made calls and figured it out and got T. an appointment for 11:45.

Then I went grocery shopping. It could have been more streamlined if I weren’t picky, but grocery shopping means a trip to the meat market, the natural grocery for organic produce, and the regular grocery store for the rest of the stuff.

I took T. to lunch before the dentist, on the theory that whatever happened there would probably make eating less pleasant. That was a good move on my part because it turned out that what he had was not a broken tooth, but one that had been half eaten away by plain old decay. I am not an expert on dental procedures; I have exactly one filling, which I got maybe five years ago. T.R. needed a root canal. And, as other people may have already guessed, he will be getting a crown. He gets to have a filling in another molar when he goes back for the temporary crown, too. Several hours and $1300 later, we left the dentist’s office somewhat traumatized. I at least did not have numbness and the prospect of future pain.

Chlorine can kill most ills. We went to the pool for an hour or so to calm our qi or reset our chakras or burnish our auras or just plain calm down. The only bad side effect of chlorine is that it induces massive sleepiness. I crashed out for an hour or so, but T. took an epic nap, only waking up at nine last night to slurp soup and go back to bed.

In between things, I mended a couple of pairs of pants and did a little knitting.

T. is not going to school today. Brent will be in charge of dispensing Advil at appropriate intervals and with luck, T. will do the homework he slept through the time for yesterday. I will go to work, where I will worry in the back of my head.

On the bright side, I am still breathing. Gold star for me.