December 11th, 2009

The job, for inquiring minds

I haven’t written much about my job. This is partly because I haven’t written much at all, but also partly because I’m still figuring out what my job is, exactly.

The job I was hired to do was a half-time administrative position, invoicing customers, processing payments, and paying bills. My thought, in applying, was that it wasn’t a lot of hours and it wouldn’t be stressful because I’ve done all those things before. Hah.

The job I’m actually doing is a lot more than that. It looks like I’ll be going full-time in January. I’m doing all the things I listed above, but also reworking the chart of accounts, planning meetings, setting up whole systems, and running human resources. When I arrived, there were no personnel folders, no hiring forms, no procedure for getting W4 and I9 forms, only a rudimentary payables file system, an irregular process for deposits, an invoicing system that is needlessly complex, etc. Did I mention that I do not yet have an actual desk? (It is coming, along with an office space reshuffle, week after next.) In addition, I will be personal assistant to the head of the company as soon as I can get him to hold still long enough for me to figure out what he needs.

In short, it’s all a little overwhelming. Too much chaos. I’m impatient to get rid of it, or as much as I can, but sadly, I am limited in the number of miracles I can perform per hour.

Yesterday when I wrote about needing to pause, it was about how I get when there is too much to do. I develop two speeds and only two speeds: Mach 3 and asleep/brain dead. My life changes radically and not necessarily in a good way. I’ll write more about that another time.

The good news is that I like the people I work with and I know I’m making a difference in how things go. It’s always good to be a hero.