March 9th, 2010

Maybe I should get a unicycle...

My new water bottle says, “When I grow up, I will run away and join the circus.” I got it at Cirque du Soleil on Sunday. It is a wonderful thing.

It reminds me that Brent loves me, since he surprised me with the circus tickets. I have been drinking water out of it, for a healthy switch. It’s brightly colored, so it makes me happy. And, of course, it reminds me that I can’t possibly be grown up yet since I don’t get to wear bug costumes and jump from climbing walls on to trampolines and back, flipping around the whole time.

More talented and knowledgeable people than I have described the show, Ovo. They probably have words for all the convolutions the extremely gifted people on stage did. All I can say is that my eyes hurt from staring by the end and yet I wanted to keep on watching over and over again.

So I have revised my persistent fantasy life to include not only a beach and fruity drinks and an unlimited supply of books, but a nearby circus. And I promise to run away to VISIT the circus at least, as often as possible.