March 21st, 2010


T.R.’s report card came yesterday. Among other things, I think it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that his way does not work. I have gone through my usual stages of grief: anger, sobbing, and cleaning, sometimes all at the same time. Now for the hard part. What to do next.

As a fan of Bill and Ted, I had to think, “Alaska, Ted.” I admit it would be nice if Rufus showed up about now and whisked T. off in time to do his history project. I might ask him to throw in a math field trip, a few science sessions, and whatever it is that needs to be done to make a kid proficient in his native language. However, here in Reality, I’ll have to Do It Myself.

So. What to do? Authoritarianism just makes rebellion around here. It also sticks in my craw. Philosophically, I have problems with it, too. What I need is something that makes T. realize that HE has to take responsibility and do the work. And, as you may know, I did in fact pass seventh grade myself quite well. If I have to, I will sit with the kid while he does every stroke of his homework, but why should I have to? It is HIS homework.

Home schooling. New school. Know of any private schools that will take a kid who has less than a B in every academic subject? Tutoring. It all sounds like wailing and gnashing of teeth.