August 13th, 2010

Push Up of the Day

The best thing about Friday mornings is that I get to go work out with my friend (and trainer) Heidi the Goddess of Heavy Objects. Thanks to her, I have a goal of increasing my strength and decreasing my body to the point that I can squat my own weight. In my ideal world, the decreasing part would happen more rapidly. Here in reality land, I think it’s more likely that the goal will have to be attacked from both ends.

It’s pretty remarkable that weight work is the best part of anything for me. I’ve always found it dreadfully boring. It’s repetitive. It’s hard work. There’s nothing to read. All still true. Fortunately, I have Heidi who not only chats with me about everything from bees to exes, but also knows about a gazillion different kinds of push-ups.

Which brings me to the push-up of the day. I got to pike my rear up in the air with my feet on a big exercise ball and my hands on the ground and then lower my head toward the ground by bending my arms. Next, I needed to raise myself back up. I’m happy to report that my face has not been crashed into the floor, at least not today. I think I managed about eight of those push-ups, not in a row.